11/12/2018- Wk 12 in the Serie A and Champions League

This week on CurvAmerica we discuss Juventus’ big win over Milan in front of an epic Milanese crowd and trip by North American Milan fans. Roma finally put on a show in league play over a floundering Sampdoria team, Atalanta wax the eyebrows off of Inter but no worries because Icardi has his tattooed on, Napoli win in the Monsoon Bowl, Sassuolo and OTFR split points at the Mapei Stadium, and the Inzaghi bowl chances might be taking another hit after Team Meat Sauce are given the disgrace of allowing the Geriatric Donkeys to have zero points in the league.

11/5/2018- Wk 11 in the Serie A

Marco and Tad cover for Chris, AGAIN! The Medicis vs Caesars ends in a draw. Napoli, Juve, Torino, OTFR and Inter wax their opponents like a surfboard. Milan once again rely on the Cardiac Capitano and Empoli show the freezing temperature of their blood and fire Aurelio Andreazzoli on his birthday.

10/23/2018- Wk 9 and Special Interview with OTFR (Laz**) Fan Steven Moore

Some late magic in one of the world’s great derbies, CurvAmerica vs. Serie A sitdown errrrr the derby della madonina.  Genoa are the Serie A Batman and show the world that the Superman of Juventus does in fact bleed, but the Old Lady are not ready for death and fight off the Red Devils.  Napoli see the Juve result and get warmed up for a Khabib-style beat down of Udinese. Roma aka Humpty Dumpty fall off the great wall of SPAL but all EDF’s men were able to put themselves back together again and win against the election meddlers.  And Atalanta come back to their winning ways by giving the world’s biggest loser, Giampiero Ventura, rogaine and then waxing all the hair off.

Stick for after this week’s episode for the podcast’s Benedict Arnold interview w/ the world’s 12 OTFR fans and Gianluca di Marzio contributor, Steven Moore.

10/08/2018- Wk 8 in the Serie A

Not a single tie in the entire league this week, but also very few surprises.  Juventus wake up, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, take out the trash, win a league game, come home, take a shower and go to sleep.  Napoli hand Sassuolo their second straight loss to the Serie A elite, but Milik will have to play from here on out without his chain. Roma do their best to play poorly, but still pull out 3 points against the most uninteresting team in the world, Empoli.  Inter make it 4 league wins in a row against the decidedly mediocre Wall of SPAL. OTFR wake up from their Europa league nightmare to win their 5th out of 6 in the league and silence their own Ultras. And, Sampdoria, Milan, Parma and Torino are all on the verge of a Lou Brown from Major League winning streak.

10/02/2018- Wk 7 in the Serie A

Juventus looks as fierce as ever and remain one of 2 unbeaten teams in the 5 major european leagues with a convincing victory over Napoli.  Milan silence some haters with a beatdown of reprised cinderella hopefuls Sassuolo. Roma smoke OTFR like it ain’t no thang with a huge Derby Della Capitale win.  Fiorentina get back in the win column thanks to a Greg Luganis performance from Rich Faith in the Church Chiesa, Federico Chiesa. Inter make it a winning streak with their 3rd straight victory over the Iron Island of Cagliari, Piatek stays disco inferno hot bringing Genoa to victory, and the Inzaghi bowl get a huge boost with Bologna rebounding to get 3 points off of Udinese after a mid week loss to Juve.

10/01/18: Pod Special: Atalanta Now Podcast

POD SPECIAL! Atalanta, La Dea, The Goddess. They are a historically mid-table team, but have a knack for also being giant-killers, taking down the big names of Italian calcio. They’ve recently had big runs in Europa, to the delight of all fans who love an underdog story. The Atalanta fan base continues to grow globally, from their home of Bergamo in northern Italy, to England, and even in our own Sin City here in the US - Las Vegas! This was a really fun episode, where we discuss "The Tank Story," Rocky Balboa, and a new podcast - Atalanta Now!

09/24/18 - Wk 5 Serie A Roundup

Golden State Juventus take it easy on Frosinone by only beating them 2-0 - all Frosinone mothers are grateful.  Napoli play another great game that has all their supporters wondering “what the hell happened against Sampdoria?”  Speaking of Sampdoria, the fortress of Genoa is breached by Inter, who slowly but surely are contributing the rise in cardiac attacks in Milan.  Fiorentina are still super young and getting sexier as the say to the rest of the Serie A “You see? It’s not that hard” with a 3-0 waxing of the Great Wall of SPAL.  Gervinho has Parma going HAM against Cagliari, Milan doing their best to keep pace with Roma, and Roma? We got problems.

9/18/2018- Wk 4 in the Serie A + Champions League

Ronnie from the shore bags a brace in Juventus’ win but Douglas Costa causes a Situation. Napoli get a little revenge against Fiorentina State University from last season. Roma make us all be the early birds who don’t get that worm. Inter get grated by the Team Cheese Bumble Bees in Parma. FatBoy G Higuain finally finds the net for Milan, but they still become the second Milan team to disappoint. OTFR making a claim to be the best team in Rome this season. The great wall of SPAL is going shopping for glass slippers after another shut out win, and, Empoli and Frosinone look like they’ll soon be neighbors with Oscar the Grouch...trash.

9/13/2018- CR7 and Inter Milan with Mike Piellucci

Get you some International break content!  Tad interviews journalist Mike Piellucci (@mikelikessports) about his latest CR7 piece on The Outline.  Mike gives his view of CR7 as the one of the most intriguing people in all of sports, both as a baller and an enigma.  Then, the pod takes a steep drop off in sexy to hear Mike's Inter Milan opinions, including the performance of Inter's new signings so far, the state of Inter recent signings and how Tad's exes Radja and Spalletti are fairing with their new girlfriend, La Beneamata.

09/04/2018- Wk3 in the Serie A

Juventus keep winning but there is shade and pessimism all around the team. Napoli catch a waxing from Sampdoria like Steve Carell in the 40 year old virgin. Milan get their first win of the season against a Roma team that has now sucked the most to start a season in 5 years.  OTFR win a derby-ish by waxing the mustache off the Nonnes of Frosi. Fiorentina aka Fiorentina U take another team to school in consecutive weeks. Inter close their scudetto gap to Juve by 5 points with the help of a Ninja. Sassuolo are showing they De Zerbi to be in the discussion of surprise teams of the season so far. Atalanta spend the week spiraling like the Trump White House. Empoli v Chievo reminds us all why we drink like Atalanta fans after this week.

08/28/18: Wk2 in the Serie A

Week 2 of the 18/19 season is the books! Golden State Juventus start the season the same way they have the past seven, Napoli with the comeback of a lifetime against Milan, Inter stumble again, La Viola puts 6 past the "Not So Old" Donkeys, and a hero is born in the Great Wall of SPAL!

08/21/2018: Wk 1 - Serie A is BACK!!

A dark cloud hangs over and exciting weekend for all CurvAmericans, following the tragedy of Genoa’s bridge collapse.  Two games are postponed and a moment of silence is observed before all Serie A fixtures.  Nevertheless, Serie A is back and on ESPN, hopefully putting an end to shady Reddit streams nationwide.  Cristiano Ronaldo’s much anticipated Juve debut is almost spoiled by the Geriatric Donkeys.  Napoli and OTFR go toe-to-toe in Week one’s Game of the Week.  Roma get a moment of brilliance to put them past their former teammates in Torino.  And, finally, Inter come out flat and give the season its first big upset.

06/06/18- AS Roma Discussion with ESPN Associate Producer Steve Ceruti

Surprise! The guys at CurvAmerica are big Romanisiti (maybe not that big of a surprise)... in this episode Tad sits down for an hour and twenty minutes, no commercials, with ESPN Radio Associate Producer Steve Ceruti (@SJCeruti) and talks about everything Roma-past, present and future. They even end the episode with a mini mock draft! If you are a die hard Roma or Serie A fan, this is the Episode for you!

05/22/18 - Wk 38 Serie A Roundup - Stagione Finita!!

Well there you have it CurvAmericans, the 2017/18 and the second season of CurvAmerica is a wrap!  Spoiler Alert: Juve wins the league...again! Napoli and Roma cap historic seasons domestically and internationally.  Inter pulls off this season’s last week miracle! OTFR and Milan will play in Europa next year….well, maaaaaybe Milan.  Ciao for now Crotone (single tear), Hellas Verona, and Benevento. Benvenuti Empoli, Parma and a TBD team from the Serie B playoffs.

05/15/18- Wk 37 Serie A Roundup #MY7H

Juventus officially claim their 7th straight scudetto vs. Roma after a 0-0 snoozefest at the Stadio Olimpico.  Napoli fail at Mission:Scudetto and now the tough questions begin. Inter and OTFR put in trash performances that make their head-to-head in the last week of the season for all the Rigatoni.  Atalanta and Milan get into a street fight after Milan get waxxed out of the Coppa Italia leaving the last Europa spot up for grabs. And can Crotone come through on their second straight season for #RaceFor17th with Cagliari, SPAL, Udinese and Chievo all within 2 points of the Danger Zone.

05/09/18 - WK 36 Serie A Roundup and Champions League

It Ain’t Over Yet!!! 13 teams in the Serie A still have something to play for in the final three weeks!  The Scudetto is a piece of angel hair spaghetti away from being decided with Napoli dropping points in consecutive weeks.  Roma overcome getting knocked out of the Champion’s League semi-finals by sending Cagliari to the Danger Zone. OTFR draw Atalanta and Inter wax Udinese to keep the final Champions League spot a one game affair.  Milan put themselves in a European position heading into the Coppa Italia final. And Fiorentina keep their European dreams alive with yet another stunning victory in a game that saw a CurvAmerica hero get back on the scoresheet for the first time in years.

05/01/18 - WK 35 Serie A Round Up and Champions League

The Derby D’Italia turns the calcio world into an Alex Jones' type of conspiracy.  Koulibaly goes from Hero to goat and his club, Napoli, heads over to "Spa Fiorentina" for their waxing.  Roma show at this point in time all they need is Alisson and 9 other dudes to beat the old-timer Chievo Donkeys.  OTFR make a huge sacrifice to the calcio gods to beat Torino.  Milan, Atalanta, Fiorentina and Sampdoria get ready for the last Europa spot in a Royal Rumble set up.  Crotone, once again vanquishing all in their path in April as they head to the #RaceFor17th -  Udinese, Cagliari, Crotone, SPAL and Chievo enter the reverse Serie A Thunderdome (5 teams enter, 1 team stays).  That plus Champions League!

04/25/18 - Pod Special: Richard Whittle and the Danger Zone

Podcast Special!  During our visit to Rome, we were honored to be joined by the man, myth, and legend, calcio commentator Richard Whittle!  Richard spoke to us about attending Roma's epic win at the Olimpico over Barcelona for Champions League!  We also spoke about Roma v. Liverpool and his experiences covering Serie A games across Italy for the English speaking audiences like us.  We finished off the conversation with talk of relegation - commonly known as Richard Whittle's "The Danger Zone!"