12/19/2017- Wk 17 Roundup- Udinese take down the mighty Serpents!

‘Inter Bells’ brings no Season’s Greetings to the league leaders as Inter get their first lost at the hands of a hot Udinese.  Napoli kick it old school October 2017 and hang 3 on Torino.  Juventus put their superstar Dybala on the pine and whoop up on Team Meat Sauce.  Roma punish any home fans who left the game early.  CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED IN MILAN!  The glass slipper is getting chipped in Sampdoria by the Serie A Baseball hats.  OTFR cry foul in a barburner against Atalanta and, finally, SPAL take their turn riding the witches broom and jump out of the danger zone for the first time this season.