10/23/2018- Wk 9 and Special Interview with OTFR (Laz**) Fan Steven Moore

Some late magic in one of the world’s great derbies, CurvAmerica vs. Serie A sitdown errrrr the derby della madonina.  Genoa are the Serie A Batman and show the world that the Superman of Juventus does in fact bleed, but the Old Lady are not ready for death and fight off the Red Devils.  Napoli see the Juve result and get warmed up for a Khabib-style beat down of Udinese. Roma aka Humpty Dumpty fall off the great wall of SPAL but all EDF’s men were able to put themselves back together again and win against the election meddlers.  And Atalanta come back to their winning ways by giving the world’s biggest loser, Giampiero Ventura, rogaine and then waxing all the hair off.

Stick for after this week’s episode for the podcast’s Benedict Arnold interview w/ the world’s 12 OTFR fans and Gianluca di Marzio contributor, Steven Moore.