2/13/18 - Wk 24 Serie A Roundup

A week where the Serie A saw the nobodys and the ”about to be somebodys” score the goals.  OTFR learn that Napoli play a brand of soccer that they can’t compete with.  Juve dispatch Fiorentina but can’t decide what is more important to their team...Fatboy G Higuain or VAR.  Inter take a cheat day on drawing matches and feast on Bologna, or "Team Meat Sauce."  Roma have never been happier to see Benevento come to town.  Sampdoria keep pace within striking distance of the Champion’s League by downing Fair Verona.  Gattuso has Milan thinking about shopping for promise rings.  And Coach Dustin Baldwin remains unbeaten with Torino and jumps Udinese as the hottest midtable team.