2/20/18- Serie A Wk 25 and European Cups

The Two horse race continues with Napoli and Juve squeaking out victories - but Juve wins the weekend with their Netflix special.  Roma do some leap-frogging and take sole possession of 3rd, while OTFR leaves a struggling Inter in their dust for 4th.  In Milan (AC) - hope springs eternal with a needed victory over Sampdoria...enjoy it until the creditors come Milanisti.  Atalanta and Fiorentina settle for a 1-1 draw....  Bologna win the Emilia-Reggiana Derby over Sassuolo with a last minute goal from Pulgar.  Meanwhile, the relegation battles RAGE with Benevento making what will be a class run to remain in the Serie A by defeating last year’s Cinderella - Crotone.  That and so much more podcast paisani!!