04/10/18 - WK 31 Roundup and Champions League - Off to Italia!

Get ready for an episode more trash than usual as we spent our weekend getting a crash course on filmography instead of watching the Serie A.  Benevento make it interesting for a hot second, but Juventus use a blade of grass and Costa’s left foot to put it away.  The city of Napoli sees a rush to the pharmacies for Xanax after the Donkeys take them to the wire. Roma and Inter make their case for team most deserving of 5th place.  OTFR put a tingle in CurvAmerica’s loins ahead of our pilgrimage to the Derby. Sassuolo make Milan become featured in the latest episode of “Teams that should not draw Sassuolo.”  And the Derby Della Lanterna finally doesn’t end w/ OTFGenoa fans walking home like Charlie Brown for the first time in the last two years.

04/04/18- WK 30 and Champions League

The guys review Juve’s disastrous defeat to Real Madrid. Cagliari, Crotone, Verona and Udinese all get in the holiday spirit and put up Easter eggs in their games. Juve’s decisive win over Milan and Napoli’s draw bring out all the hot takes of Napoli’s season being “over”, including a little revisionist history from Sarri. Roma keep the Champion’s league race interesting with a disappointing draw to team meat sauce, while Inter and OTFR ride their megastar strikers to beat downs of Verona and Benevento. Fiorentina extend their fantastic and inspiring run to 6 straight wins since losing their captain.

03/20/18- Wk 29 Roundup and European Draws

Juventus drops points at SPAL, that’s right, your ears aren’t playing tricks on you. The Partenopei are BACK in the GAME with a goal from an unlikely hero, Roma continue their good form and OTFR their minor slump. Icardi reminds everyone that he is one of the worlds best and Silva is Milan’s hero for the second week running. At the bottom of the table, Benevento start to make their peace, with a DEVASTATING last minute loss to  Chris’s favorite, and now perfected, word on the podcast- Cagliari. Also, we preview the Spain v Italy battle royale that is the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!

03/15/18- Special Interview with Keith Tabatznik

CurvAmerica stumbled into Keith Tabatznik, Director of Soccer for McLean Youth Soccer and former Georgetown University men's soccer head coach. When he told us about his trip to Italy, where he observed Inter, Atlanta, and Venezia FC's youth academies, we were foaming at the mouth to learn more about his experience. We chatted about how the US Youth soccer system measures up to that of Italian clubs and the overall health of Youth Soccer in the States- because this is a world game, and growth in the US inevitably spills into more potential Serie A fans!

03/13/18 - Serie A Roundup Wk 28

The Serie A remembers and commemorates Davide Astori with his former team honoring him with a victory.  We have a new team clear at the top of the table as Paolo “Nightwing” Dybala awakes from his slumber like a volcano.  Napoli and Inter play a goal-less draw that send their respective coaches into (not-so) "hot take" territory.  Roma open up the salon to Torino in the second half for the Miami Beach waxing special.  OTFR’s Ciro definitely plays the role of hero with a goal of the season contender.  Milan show their grinta and rebound from their Europa League nightmare.  Hellas take the second Verona derby and, finally, Crotone put the cherry on Chris’ weekend with a 4-1 stomping of Sampdoria.

3/7/18 - Serie A Wk 27 Davide Astori Tribute

A difficult podcast to do after the loss of Fiorentina's captain, Davide Astori.  We hesitated in recording but decided to honor Fiorentina and their captain by reaching out to some Viola faithful: Tito from SB Nation's Viola Nation and Chloe Beresford, a Serie A writer in the UK.  We briefly mention the games in Serie A, Champions League, and Europa this week. 

2/27/18- Serie A Wk 26 Roundup

Napoli continue their ascension to Wu-Tang Clan status- they aint nothing to f- with.  Juventus buy off the Pope in order to get their game snowed out amidst an injury crisis.  Roma give Rino Gattuso his first signature league win (OTFR wins don’t count).  Inter give visiting Benevento a ticker tape parade back to the train station for being trash.  OTFR beat the breaks off Sassuolo in another edition of Serie A Thunderdome (22 men enter - 20 men leave).  Hellas raises a few danger zone eyebrows beating Torino.  SPAL win a thriller that sends Chris Ross into the bottom of a bottle and picking a fight with his own reflection.

2/20/18- Serie A Wk 25 and European Cups

The Two horse race continues with Napoli and Juve squeaking out victories - but Juve wins the weekend with their Netflix special.  Roma do some leap-frogging and take sole possession of 3rd, while OTFR leaves a struggling Inter in their dust for 4th.  In Milan (AC) - hope springs eternal with a needed victory over Sampdoria...enjoy it until the creditors come Milanisti.  Atalanta and Fiorentina settle for a 1-1 draw....  Bologna win the Emilia-Reggiana Derby over Sassuolo with a last minute goal from Pulgar.  Meanwhile, the relegation battles RAGE with Benevento making what will be a class run to remain in the Serie A by defeating last year’s Cinderella - Crotone.  That and so much more podcast paisani!!  

2/13/18 - Wk 24 Serie A Roundup

A week where the Serie A saw the nobodys and the ”about to be somebodys” score the goals.  OTFR learn that Napoli play a brand of soccer that they can’t compete with.  Juve dispatch Fiorentina but can’t decide what is more important to their team...Fatboy G Higuain or VAR.  Inter take a cheat day on drawing matches and feast on Bologna, or "Team Meat Sauce."  Roma have never been happier to see Benevento come to town.  Sampdoria keep pace within striking distance of the Champion’s League by downing Fair Verona.  Gattuso has Milan thinking about shopping for promise rings.  And Coach Dustin Baldwin remains unbeaten with Torino and jumps Udinese as the hottest midtable team.

2/5/18- Serie A Week 23 Roundup

In a shocker Napoli wins the Derby della We Are Just Happy To Be Here, but ADL decides he needs more drama in his life and goes HAM on Juve.  Speaking of the old lady, Juve show Sassuolo they can give them the mani, pedi and waxing with half their team injured.  Inter take another swirl around the toilet bowl and continue to flush their season while Spalletti picks a fight he wishes he didn’t.  Roma win and OTFR lose...thank God….that is all.  And while you are here, stick around and learn something about mid and bottom table teams that won, drew or lost!

1/30/18 - Wk 22 Serie A Roundup

The State of the Union of the Serie A shows that Napoli and Juventus are YUUUGE and, like really good.  Roma and Inter fans probably want to build a wall between them and their coach and have their owners pay for it.  Lega Serie A are repeatedly saying “No Collusion” between them and VAR against OTFR, Chievo, and Crotone.  Hellas Verona show Fiorentina that their striking button is bigger.  And finally, it seems like all the transfer rumors we have heard up to this point - are fake news!

1/23/18 - Wk 21 Roundup

Italian Serie A's Winter Break is OVER!  Napoli and Juventus each take three points and pull away for the Scudetto, while Inter, OTFR and Roma start the game of musical chairs for the remaining two Champion’s League spots.  Roma and Inter play to a disappointing draw despite Alisson’s super human effort.  OTFR join Inter, Sampdoria and Juventus as teams that don’t mind kicking the walker out from under Chievo.  Sampdoria’s Quags Quagliarella turns in a Nick Foles performance against La Viola dressed in Red.  A Bromance is budding in Milan after a 2-1 victory over Cagliari.  Crotone thrash Verona to help save Chris’ weekend and Team Meat Sauce’s destruction of Benevento make Marco “the mayor of the downstairs restrooms in the Bologna train station” Ciarla able to cope with the US Government shutdown.

1/15/18 - Podcast Special: Declan Varley and Masal Bugduv

Transfer Market Podcast SPECIAL! Declan Varley is a journalist and Editor from Galway, Ireland, most known for his social experiment, Masal Bugduv. Bugduv is an alleged European soccer star from Moldova that became famous from 2009 transfer market rumors. Bugduv has inspired news articles, university journals, and case studies. The transfer market rumors continue...suggesting we might see Bugduv involved with Serie A in the near future!

1/8/2018- Wk 20 Roundup and Interview with Sempre Bologna’s Fredrik Bakke

Just over halfway through the season Napoli and Juventus show strong signs of pulling away from the top 4 for a 2 horse scudetto race.  Inter drops points to the Purple Rain Fiorentina and Roma look lost in a home loss to Atalanta.  Ciro the Hero goes full Cobra Kai Never Die on SPAL with 4 goals.  Udinese cool off by drawing the old men of Chievo.  Milan get a desperate 3 points against the Mighty Croutons and Benevento find a perspective team hero in a shocker that nearly completes Sampdoria blowing their big lead for a European position. Also, Marco sits down with Sempre Bologna blog Fredrik Bakke to discuss the Torino loss and transfer market.

1/2/18 - Wk 19 Roundup

Week 19!  Napoli and Juventus take 3 points from some Serie A catfish, while Inter and Roma draw and slip, slip, slip-a-delphia further from the top 2.  Milan throws in a last minute submittal for “Ugliest Draw of The Year” against Fiorentina.  Udinese stay hot and show the Serie A that for the last 5 weeks a Zebra can change its stripes.  Sampdoria rip SPAL for 3 points and keep the feces out of the bed for the last match of 2017.  And, finally, Benevento show they are not above beating up old man Chievo to get their first win in Serie A history and have a story to tell everyone in Serie B next season.

12/27/17 - Wk 18 Roundup - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Happy Festivus! And Happy holidays to all those too old for Seinfeld. Week 18 was filled with the Airing of Grievances - mostly from Inter and Roma.  Napoli and Juve might be pulling away in the table as if eight tiny reindeer are guiding their sleigh. OTFR give Crotone four lumps of coal while Atalanta make it thoroughly clear that Milan is on the naughty list and will not receive anything nice for Christmas this year.  Udinese see their new mister Massimo Oddo as a real life Babbo Natale who keeps bringing gifts.  Marco’s Bologna enjoy a meat sauce filled Christmas dinner for beating Chievo, while the Cagliari and Hellas both sing Silent Night with no goals.  All the Wk 18 action coming your way!!

12/19/2017- Wk 17 Roundup- Udinese take down the mighty Serpents!

‘Inter Bells’ brings no Season’s Greetings to the league leaders as Inter get their first lost at the hands of a hot Udinese.  Napoli kick it old school October 2017 and hang 3 on Torino.  Juventus put their superstar Dybala on the pine and whoop up on Team Meat Sauce.  Roma punish any home fans who left the game early.  CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED IN MILAN!  The glass slipper is getting chipped in Sampdoria by the Serie A Baseball hats.  OTFR cry foul in a barburner against Atalanta and, finally, SPAL take their turn riding the witches broom and jump out of the danger zone for the first time this season.

12/15/17 - Podcast Special: Coffee & Football Podcast's Sebastian Alvarado

CurvAmerica is joined by a fellow podcaster - Coffee & Football's Sebastian Alvarado!  He originally hails from Gothenberg, Sweden, but has been a New Yorker since 2003.  His podcast takes a long-form interview approach with interesting & influential profiles involved in the soccer world, discussing their lives and career journeys.  Serie A fans, check out his interviews with Venezia FC Owner Joe Tacopina and Italian-American and US Soccer Federation Presidential candidate Kyle Martino.  Both interviews talk about the Serie A - but beyond the league we all love - there are some truly incredible interviews.  We talk about his podcast experience, playing career, and World Cup 2018.

12/13/17 - Wk 16 Serie A Roundup

The Top of the Table forgets how to play soccer this week and drop a combined 13 points.  The Derby d’Italia results in a disappointing 0-0 draw and Tim Kraus from Serpents of Madonnina joins us to give his reaction.  Roma take that Derby result and play a double goose egg draw of their own.  Napoli say “hold my prosecco” and play yet another goal-less draw to round out the Top 4.  Sampdoria continue to slide against Cagliari.  Gattuso gets his first 3 points as Milan’s skipper and OTFR are all kinds of emotional after their 4th disappointing weekend in a row.